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Three Best Activities In Dubai That Give You Complete Freedom And Control

Three Best Activities In Dubai That Give You Complete Freedom And Control

October 8

Dubai is UAE’s city of thrills and entertainment. There are many activities available for you to enjoy, all offering a unique and memorable experience. However, if you want to participate in something that gives you absolute control and freedom, there are several choices, from jetskiing in Dubai to paragliding and more. We will look at three of the best activities in this article. 


If you enjoy the idea of flying across the skies, then this is the perfect activity for you. Paragliding is a popular activity in Dubai that gives you a great adrenaline rush and allows you to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the deserts and cityscape. It involves being strapped to a foot-launched glider and leaping off a slope or a cliff. The wind would enable the wings and allow you to become airborne and glide across the skies. If you are inexperienced, you can fly with a pilot on a tandem paraglider or learn from professionals via practice sessions. Upon completion of training, you can fly solo. 

Jetski rides

If water-based activities are more to your taste, riding a jetski in Dubai will be the perfect activity. Unlike other water sports, jetskiing gives you complete control over the craft. Like riding a motorbike, the vehicle is easy to manoeuvre and allows you to cruise at any speed. As a result, you can traverse the seas freely without worry. You also have the option to perform numerous tricks, from beginner-friendly ones to more professional moves. Wave jumping is popular as it is exciting and straightforward to perform. Others include donuts, 180-degree spins, backflips, and even surfing. The views are also stunning, and beautiful photo opportunities are available, with prominent landmarks forming a beautiful backdrop. The activity is well suited for groups, so you can do so easily if you wish to include them. 


Karting is incredibly popular among youths and adults. It is an exciting way to enjoy speed and racing without the risk of injury. The go-kart is also lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making it the perfect introduction to beginners in the racing world. You will be given safety equipment such as helmets, and the karts themselves have padded seats, making them comfortable. There are various circuits you can visit to participate in the activity. While the sessions are timed, they provide a specific amount of time to ride the kart on your own. Therefore, you can race at any speed, try out different techniques, and set your skills at your pace.

The three activities mentioned above are all thrilling; however, they give you the reins and complete freedom to do what you want. Having control of your activity gives you the room to adjust an experience to your preferences, making them more enjoyable and memorable. It can also be a safety concern for many, as they may feel apprehensive about speed and would rather wish to enjoy the activity at their own pace. While regulations are in place to protect you, there is ample space to have fun and customize them. For more information on Dubai jetski tours or rental, contact us at Xtreme Jetski, and we are happy to assist you.