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Safety Tips To Take Note Of Before Jetskiing Into The Sunset

Safety Tips To Take Note Of Before Jetskiing Into The Sunset

March 8

There is nothing as romantic as driving a Jetski across the ocean while the setting sun’s glimmering rays provide a magical backdrop. However, if a person fails to consider the necessary safety precautions, they may unwittingly take their final ride in life. Therefore, in this article, we will be going through tips to keep a person safe if they are riding in the evening.

Try to get back before the sun completely sets

Jetskis don’t have navigation lights, and riding them at night in most countries, is illegal. The reason why is because they can be impossible to spot when there is no light. Therefore the chance of colliding with boats is high. This will not just put the rider in danger but also the occupants of the boat.

Navigation lights are illegal to install and are heavily fined by sea patrol because they can confuse boats. They can be mistaken as ships or yachts, and their erratic movement can make it highly distracting and dangerous. The lack of these lights also means that if a rider is out on the ocean at night, they may have serious difficulty navigating or seeing other objects in the water. As cell coverage is not guaranteed out on the sea, contacting people for help can be challenging. Therefore a person needs to make sure they are back on the coast before it is dark.

Carry the necessary safety equipment

No matter where a person goes, whether they intend to stick by the coastline or explore more significant areas when admiring the sunset, they need to carry all the compulsory safety equipment. Life vests are vital, and it is in an individual’s best interest to choose a reflective one as they can be spotted by others more easily. 

It is also necessary to have flares if a person gets stranded out in the ocean, and it becomes dark. Whistles are also a must as they can indicate someone is in trouble or warn oncoming boats. While most Jetskis companies do equip their skis with reboarding ladders, it is a good idea to carry one on board if it is not included. It will be helpful if a person falls into the ocean and needs to get back on the vehicle. 

Observe the water and the wind.

While it is common knowledge that when the sun is setting, there tends to be low tide, this does not mean a person should not be cautious. Certain weather conditions can affect the waves and wind, and the way a jetski needs to be handled can change. Therefore, before exploring the waters at high speed, an individual should navigate the area with caution, especially if they are unfamiliar with it. If the wind seems to be picking up and the waves are getting rough, one should start heading back to the coast. Getting stranded in a turbulent ocean at night would be a disastrous situation. 

If you want to enjoy the sunset while riding a jetski in Dubai, make sure to remember the above tips. They can help save your life and ensure that you enjoy your experience. For more information, you can contact us at Xtreme Jetski.