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Safety Precautions: 5 Instructions You Should Always Follow On A Banana Boat Ride

Safety Precautions: 5 Instructions You Should Always Follow On A Banana Boat Ride

April 1

Banana boat rides are a thrilling water activity perfect for those who want to enjoy being out on the sea and wish to have fun with a crowd. The boats can easily accommodate six to eight people, making them suitable for vacations with families or friends. If an individual is planning a jetski tour, they should include this ride as well. While they are safe, those wishing to ride it should adhere to the following instructions. 

Listen to the instructor carefully

There will always be an instructor for water-related sports or activities because the sea and ocean can be unpredictable. Also, some people are unable to swim or do not know how to handle themselves in water. Therefore, they will need to be given the proper guidance to ensure that they will be safe. Instructors have many years of experience and training in the activity; so, they can guide participants to the best of their ability. It is, therefore, important that an individual listens to them.

Always wear a life vest

Life vests (also known as life jackets) are a mandatory piece of equipment anyone who goes out into the sea should wear. They are flotation devices and help a person to stay buoyant if they accidentally fall into the ocean. Some individuals may think that they are only necessary for those who do not know how to swim or are doing more thrilling activities like riding a jetski. However, this is not true. Even the most experienced swimmers can find themselves unable to stay afloat without a life jacket. Also, people are more at risk of falling off a banana boat than a jetski because, in the former, they are only able to hold onto handles to stay balanced.

Grip the handle properly

As mentioned above, the only way for a person to stay on the boat and maintain balance is by gripping the handle. There will be a handle for each passenger, and at no point should two people share the same handle. An individual should use both their hands to grip it and not remove them at any point in the ride. 

Do not engage in stunts

The banana boat is not suitable for stunts. The whole activity requires immense balance, and if a person attempts a trick, the boat can tip over. Weight needs to be evenly distributed during the activity to help the ride stay steady. A person should only move if necessary, as they should maintain their posture.

Do not panic

It is common for people to slide off the banana boat and fall into the water. If this happens, a person should not panic. They will be wearing their safety equipment so they will not be in harm. They should relax and float calmly on the sea as the instructors send a boat to pick them up as soon as possible

If you are looking for a water activity to participate in with your family, banana boats are a perfect choice. They can accommodate more people than a jetski, and they are fun to ride.