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Never Too Old For Water Sports: Things Senior Citizens Must Know

Never Too Old For Water Sports: Things Senior Citizens Must Know

September 22

Society tends to believe those older than sixty are past their prime. They are considered fragile and treated with respect but also a certain level of condescension. The latter is not typically due to sinister intentions but well-meaning ignorance. Therefore, society may claim that senior citizens should not engage in watersports and instead opt for something less strenuous such as golfing. However, suppose you are a senior citizen and have been told something similar. In that case, we wish to let you know that that statement holds little truth. 

You can engage in any watersport, like jetski in Dubai. Health always comes first; age should not hold you back. Therefore, we will explore the things you must know regarding water sports. 

Not all watersports are unsafe for senior citizens.

The opponents to watersports for senior citizens generally claim that it could cause injuries due to weakened bones and reduced agility. While there is some level of truth to this, it is very narrow in its approach. As you grow old, your bones will lose calcium and other minerals. The tissues around your joints could also erode, causing joint pain. Therefore, you do have a higher chance of receiving injuries, and your reflexes could also reduce. 

However, this does not automatically eliminate you as a prospective participant for a watersport. Watersports are a massive category that encompasses a wide range of activities, each with different levels of exertion and skill requirements. For example, while kayaking or parasailing may be more dangerous for senior citizens, jetski riding and swimming are not. Therefore, you can choose to participate in a watersport that best fits your abilities and is approved by your doctor.

They have numerous health benefits.

Watersports can carry several benefits for both your physical and mental wellbeing. Many of them are great forms of exercise that utilize various parts of your body and enable you to burn calories through exertion and higher metabolism. The latter is due to the development of muscles which also helps cushion falls and avoid injuries. They also increase your immunity and help reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

They are also incredibly beneficial for your mental health as they release happy hormones and dopamine, making you feel more joyful and positive. In addition, you will be immersed in the experience; you will be less stressed and anxious. It also helps develop skills and boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. 

They can be perfect for beginners.

Many watersports do not require a pre-existing skill set. Therefore, if you are inexperienced, do not consider it to be a negative aspect. You can learn how to do the watersport under the guidance of an instructor. Some activities can be straightforward to pick up. Jetskiing, for example, is very similar to riding a bike and is even considered to be easier to maneuver as there is more balance. Therefore, regardless of your age, you can learn how to do a watersport with relative ease.

Growing old is inevitable; however, your mindset and perspective on what you can and cannot do could make the experience joyful or dreadful. Do not limit yourself based on what society tells you to do. Instead, listen to your heart and doctor. If you want to engage in a watersport and your doctor thinks you are competent to do so, then go for it. You have already led an extraordinary life so far, so why should you bow out with your head held low? Live the final phase of your life the way you want to. If you wish to jetski in Dubai, contact us at Xtreme Jetski for rentals and tour packages.