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Jetski Tour In Dubai: The Perfect Way To Entertain Foreign Business Associates

Jetski Tour In Dubai: The Perfect Way To Entertain Foreign Business Associates

October 15

With air travel restrictions easing across the world, your foreign business associates can finally visit the UAE. While it is essential to make hotel reservations and arrange corporate meetings for them, you will also have to find a way to entertain them. Many activities in the country provide plenty of fun and excitement. However, the best one is a jetski tour in Dubai

What is a Jetski Tour?

It is a city tour carried out on jetskis. A group of individuals can ride personal watercraft together under the supervision and guidance of a trained instructor. There are various tours available in Dubai, each exploring a facet of the great city, the Burj Al-Arab or Dubai Marina. 

Why are jetski tours the perfect activity

They are beginner-friendly.

One of the reasons why jetski tours are trendy is due to how beginner-friendly the activity is. Riding a jetski is comparable to a motorbike, and many people claim it could even be easier. The vehicle starts at the push of a button, and you can control speed through the throttle. It is also easy to manoeuvre the craft as simply turning the handle and leaning your body will allow you to make smooth turns. Even if a business associate has no prior experience, they can still enjoy the tour. Our instructor will always provide a short training session to help everyone become acquainted with the jetski. We will also be there to provide help whenever someone is having difficulty. 

They provide a unique vantage point to see the city.

While most regular city tours are conducted on the roads, where the group will encounter traffic and congestion, jetski tours are done over the ocean. Hence, it provides a unique view that not many have the opportunity to enjoy. Your business associates can marvel at the Dubai skyline with its magnificent skyscrapers set against the gorgeous sky and the sparkling blue seas. They can also get up close to prominent landmarks and observe them from the ocean. These include the Burj Al-Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and even the Atlantis.

They are suited to thrill-seekers and cautious people alike.

When a person rides a jetski in Dubai, they are entirely in control of their experience. If they wish to race against the waves and carry out tricks, they have the opportunity to do so. If instead, they want to calmly glide over the waves and enjoy the ocean breeze and the view without risking high speeds, then they can do that too. This makes it perfect for people with varying interests and different ideas about what constitutes entertainment. 

They are completely safe.

We prioritize safety always. Hence, we provide state-of-the-art equipment and safety gear. For example, the vehicles are designed to turn off automatically in case the rider falls overboard. In addition, everyone in the group is also given appropriately sized life jackets and tools to help them stay safe. As such, you do not have to be worried about whether your business associates are adequately protected. 

Jetskiing in Dubai is enjoyable and exciting, and offering a tour based on this activity will allow your foreign business associates to have a remarkable experience they will never forget. Therefore, make sure to include a jetski tour in the itinerary. For more information on the tour packages we offer and special rates, contact us at Xtreme Jetski.