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Important Things Senior Adults Should Know Before Riding A Jetski

Important Things Senior Adults Should Know Before Riding A Jetski

October 1

Riding a jetski in Dubai is one of the most popular activities in the UAE. Although many believe that this sport is predominantly for youths, people of all ages can participate, including senior adults. However, to ensure that you can make the most of it, there are crucial things you need to know. We will take a look at what they are in this article.

It can be physically demanding.

While many people claim riding a jetski is similar to a motorbike, the truth is that it can be more physically demanding. You will need to hold firmly onto the handles of the watercraft to stay onboard while cruising at high speeds. You will also have to make quick movements to make turns and adjust the vehicle according to waves. For steep turns, you will have to lean your whole body to one side. Hence, the activity can place much stress on your knees, legs, and arms. The strain will be greater on stand-up jetskis as they do not give you the option to sit down on the watercraft and rest if you feel tired. 

If you suffer from joint aches or have problems with movement, it is recommended to consult your doctor before participating in a jetski ride. Also, you will have to pay attention to the type of vehicle used. We recommend utilizing a sit-down model as it is more comfortable to ride and is easier on your joints.

You need to have all the safety equipment.

We will ensure that you are given the necessary safety tools; it is of the utmost importance that they are with you at all times. For example, whistles are essential to alert those nearby if you fall overboard or have difficulty controlling the vehicle. We will also provide a life jacket that you need to wear correctly to safely stay afloat if you fall into the water.

We recommend you bring other items to improve your jetskiing experience and help keep you safe. These are especially important if you plan to ride alone and not join our jetski tour in Dubai.

  • A GPS enabled waterproof smartphone to help navigate the waters if you lose your bearings.
  • An SPF 40 plus sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh desert sun
  • A pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays

You will need to wear the right clothing.

The most crucial factor that can affect your jetski experience is clothing. The outfit you wear can either help improve your ride or be a hindrance. Baggy clothes such as gowns, abaya and thawb are not recommended as they can get caught in gears or become trapped under the vehicle. Instead, you should opt for outfits made of a breathable fabric that sits close to your skin. Swimsuits, especially wetsuits, are considered the best outfits for riding a jetski as they can handle water well and are flexible, increasing your range of movements significantly.

If you want to ride a jetski in Dubai as a senior adult, you need to pay attention to the above. As fun and exciting as the activity is, you need to adhere to safety measures and take sufficient precautions to ensure that you will remain safe. For more information regarding jetskiing and other watersports in Dubai, contact us at Xtreme Jetski.