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Here Are Some Simple Jetski Tricks You Can Master: Become a Pro!

Here Are Some Simple Jetski Tricks You Can Master: Become a Pro!

March 22

When individuals have just begun to jetski, they may be intimidated by tricks and might even think pros can only execute them, but that is not true. While one cannot expect to do a 360-degree flip when they are still a beginner, they can still perform other simple but exciting tricks. In this article, we will look at a few that beginners can do with ease.

Sharp turns

Jetskis can accelerate very fast, which makes them ideal for cool, sharp turns. This can be thrilling for beginners and is exciting to watch. One must remember to keep their head and eyes perpendicular to the water when taking a turn as a rider could lose their bearings and even lose control of their vehicle. This means an individual will need to move their head and ensure it is facing forwards above the water line even if their body is angled. 

Also, make sure to look not directly ahead of the vehicle nor the horizon but about 50 meters ahead. This will help a person to drive in the correct direction.

Standing on Jetskis

If an individual has been using the stand-up model of jetskis from the beginning, then this would not seem like a trick, but this can be exciting for those who use the sit-down type. Most tricks that involve the sit-down jetski would require the rider to stand anyway as it would reduce fatigue and give a rider better control. 

When a person sits down and attempts a trick, the bouncing movement of the jetski can inflict pain and make them exhausted, as their body is being shaken and hit by the jetski. When they choose to stand, most of their body will not be in contact with the vehicle, so they will have lesser fatigue.

 Standing up, for those who use the sit-down model, can take some effort and need practice. However, once they get used to it, it can make their whole jetski experience more exciting.


In this trick, a person will be rotating in one spot. A rider will need proper balance to perform a donut. When they wish to begin, the person should move to the back of the jetski to avoid the bow from dipping under the water. Then they should turn the handlebars in one direction. While leaning heavily in that same direction, they will need to take their weight off the opposite foot. This allows the jetski to rotate while staying in the same place.

In sit-down models, this works differently. Once they start turning in a direction, they need to bring their opposite leg to the other side. When all of a person’s weight is on one side of the jetski, the vehicle will make a sharp turn within a small area.

If you want to learn more tricks that you can do as a beginner with jetskis, contact us at Xtreme Jetski. Our instructors will be able to help you learn and execute them flawlessly.