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Everything You Need to Know About Customizing Jet Skis

Everything You Need to Know About Customizing Jet Skis

December 21

It is a common sight to observe jet skis glide across the ocean in the UAE. These vehicles are considered an invigorating way to explore the oceans. They provide riders with the freedom to enjoy speed and thrill making the experience fun and exciting. They can also reach speeds of 40 to 70mph, perfect for those who crave speed. If you wish to acquire your own jet ski in Dubai, you do not solely have to select the offered models. You also have the chance to customise a jet ski according to your needs so you can enjoy a unique experience.


What are jetski customisations?

Also known as modifications, these include changing parts of the jetski from the factory-installed ones to those produced by other manufacturers. The reasons behind making these customisations can vary from purely aesthetic purposes to optimising performance. Some customisations can affect the warranty of your jetski, so if you do not wish to let go of the warranty period, then it is best to refrain from making any modifications. 


What are the customisations you can do?

Factory packages

Many jet ski manufacturers offer their own customisations for jet skis, including different seating and colour options. This is your best option if you want to customise your jetski without possibly voiding the warranty. Although there isn’t much room for unique designs and fewer performance enhancements available, it is reliable and great for new owners.


Performance enhancements

Also known as performance modifications, these aim to improve how the jet ski performs and drives. Turbochargers or superchargers can significantly increase horsepower, giving you a boost at lower engine speeds when jet skiing. Improving the ride plate will provide a smoother ride while increasing top speed. It also helps avoid porpoising, improving the safety of the vehicle. There are several more enhancements you can do to improve the jet ski performance, and research is important to make sure you’re making the right customizations for you.


Custom paint or vinyl wraps

If you want a more noticeable change to the appearance of your jet ski, then vinyl wraps or custom paint can be a great choice. While it is expensive, it provides a distinctive look to your jetski. They can also be designed to your liking so you can obtain unique body prints and colours that are not available elsewhere. If custom designs are too costly, you can opt for an aftermarket graphic kit. These are premade, and several options are available for jet skis. 


Stickers and decals

They are considered the easiest and most affordable way to modify the appearance of your jetski. Available in a diverse range of designs, you can use them to achieve any aesthetic you like. From funny to more artistic, you are spoiled for choices. However, considerable care needs to be taken when applying and removing the sticker and decal. If done incorrectly, the paint underneath can become damaged, resulting in a more expensive paint job.

If you intend to purchase a jet ski of your own, the above information can be handy. It needs to be noted that you must get any modification done from a reputed jet ski customisation professional so you can be assured of the quality of work. Any damages can be difficult and expensive to reverse. If you want to enjoy a jet ski ride without purchasing your own, you can always opt for Dubai jet ski rental. Contact us at Xtreme Jetski to find out more information about our packages.

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