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Discover Dubai’s Beautiful Skyscrapers While Making The Most Out Of Flyboarding

Discover Dubai’s Beautiful Skyscrapers While Making The Most Out Of Flyboarding

April 22

If there is one thing Dubai is famous across the world for, it’s the stunning skyscrapers that define its skyline. From the luxurious Burj Al-Arab to the majestic Atlantis Palm Jumeirah and the record-breaking Burj Khalifa, the tall and magnificent buildings are renowned worldwide. And while many might think the best watersport to explore the skyscrapers is a jetski, another one is just as great—flyboarding. In this blog, we will explore how.

It can give a person a bird’s eye view of the skyscrapers

Flyboards can rise nearly fifty feet in the air, allowing you to enjoy magnificent views of the Dubai skyline. While controlling the board at this height requires much training, it is still possible to achieve a reasonable altitude if you listen to your instructor. If you are new to flyboarding, you can enjoy a height of five feet by the end of the first session, which is still notably high. Therefore, you will see the skyscrapers from new angles that you would never have been able to otherwise. 

The Dubai Marina is the best place for flyboarding if you wish to enjoy a beautiful view. Many amazing skyscrapers are lining the area. The Cayan tower especially is impressive to behold with its ninety-degree twist. Marina 101, the second tallest building in Dubai, can also be seen when flyboarding in this area 

There are many areas to choose from.

Given how popular the activity is, it is not surprising that many places you can choose as your location for flyboarding, each offering something unique and different. The Burj Al-Arab, a five-star hotel considered by many to be the most luxurious hotel globally and renowned for its architecture, is one of the most popular flyboarding locations. 

Other popular areas include the Palm Jumeirah, La Mer Beach, and the Dubai Marina. If the Palm Jumeirah is selected, you can see the beautiful island from different viewpoints. You could also fly by Atlantis. As the flyboard is connected to a boat or jetski, you can move around the area and explore the skyline up close or from different angles.

There are incredible photo opportunities.

As you control the board with your movements and not a handle, you tend to feel like you are soaring in the air by yourself. Therefore, you maneuver the craft with a sense of freedom and complete control. While this is wonderful to experience, it is also mesmerizing to behold. Therefore, photographs that capture flyboarding moments are stunning.

It is made even more breathtaking by the presence of Dubai’s skyscrapers in the photographs’ backdrop. The buildings themselves are architectural marvels. So, when an individual is captured in a photo doing flyboarding tricks in front of them, it looks exciting and ethereal at the same time. 

Flyboarding is a way to discover the beauty of Dubai’s skyscrapers from the skies above. While jetskis offer thrill and excitement, the stunning angles and the experience provided by flyboards are unmatched.