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Check These 3 Different Jet Ski Models to Find the Right One For You

Check These 3 Different Jet Ski Models to Find the Right One For You

December 28

One of the most exciting activities in the UAE is riding a jet ski. The city offers expansive beaches with a brilliant blue ocean with several prominent landmarks located in and around it, making it a fantastic location for jet skiing. We offer rental services for jetskis in Dubai if you do not have a vehicle or gear, but if you wish to acquire your own ride, you need to know that several models are available, offering unique benefits. Therefore, learning about them will help you select the best one that fits your needs. 


Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX

Kawasaki is widely considered a market leader for reliable and luxurious jetskis. And their new flagship model, the Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX is the best example for that claim. With luxurious features and a   powerful engine, the jet ski has made it to the top of several best jet ski lists. It has 310 horsepower thanks to its supercharged 1,498cc inline-four engine that allows you to accelerate quickly and reach top speeds of 67mph. It also has a large fuel tank that ensures you can stay out on the water for longer. 


The jet ski can seat up to three riders, and its hull is made of reinforced fibreglass, giving it a sophisticated aesthetic. A GPS mount in the handlebars makes it easier to navigate unfamiliar waters. The jetski is also reliable and sturdy enough to perform well in rough waters. It also has an amazing stereo system, ensuring you can have maximum fun while you’re out on the water. All of this makes the Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX a perfect combination of luxury and performance. So if you want to enjoy optimum power and comfort, this is the best choice. 


Yamaha Superjet

It was one of the first stand-up jet ski models to be released and, to date, has remained a fan-favourite thanks to its brilliant performance. Considered one of the most agile, sturdy and intuitive jet skis, the Yamaha Superjet is still a popular choice for new owners. Its 1,049cc Inline-Three 4-stroke engine produces 100 horsepower, allowing you to reach top speeds of 54mph. If you want to turn down the power and enjoy a more peaceful Dubai jet ski ride, you can enter the L-mode perfect for calm coasting.


The jet ski can only seat one person, but that is typical of stand-up jetskis. However, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable ride as its handlebar and handle pole can be adjusted. The 2021 model was also completely re-designed, ensuring it meets current specifications. The fuel tank is now larger, allowing you to enjoy more time out on the water. 


Sea Doo Spark Trixx

Sea Doo, another prominent jet ski manufacturer, has released the Spark Trixx, a powerful watercraft that allows you to enjoy the high performance of a Kawasaki or Yamaha for a fraction of the cost. It is considered an excellent option for performing tricks. Its 899cc Inline-Three engine can produce 90 horsepower, but as it weighs considerably less than other jetskis, you can still reach top speeds of 48mph. 


The jet ski can seat up to two riders and has several innovative features like angled foot supports, extended VTS, and adjustable handlebars. If you want to try out tricks and enjoy a thrilling jet ski experience, then this is the best model for you.

The above jet ski models are well known for being reliable and sturdy vehicles that give you great performance. So make sure to purchase the one that fits your needs best and can give you the experience you desire. If you do not want to buy a jetski and would prefer to rent, contact us at Xtreme Jetski, and our staff will provide you with information about our Dubai jet skiing packages.