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Adventurous Activities You Can Do During Ramadan Holidays

Adventurous Activities You Can Do During Ramadan Holidays

May 8

During the long Ramadan holidays, time may seem to pass slowly. A person may feel bored and wish to do something exciting. If they live in Dubai, they happen to be very lucky. The city offers a wide range of activities one can take part in, from jetski rides to bungee jumping and more. In this blog, we will look at a few of the most thrilling ones a person can do.


Suppose a person wants to feel like an amazing superhero during their Ramadan holiday. In that case, this is the perfect activity for them. Flyboarding is popular among young adults and older seniors alike. It is easy to learn, and many can become sufficiently good at it within thirty minutes. 

The activity involves a board that is connected via a hose to a jetski or a boat. Underneath the board is a jetpack that releases water. An instructor will power the throttles and control the amount of water released, thereby influencing the height a person can reach. So a person will feel like they are soaring upwards in the skies. All an individual needs to do is balance themselves atop the board, and once they learn that, the rest is easy.They will travel in different directions and perform impressive tricks such as diving like a dolphin. As it is exhilarating and delightful, the experience of flyboarding is one a person will never forget. 


One of the most popular activities in Dubai, and for a good reason, provides people with a fun and exciting experience. Given that the city is by the coast, a person has many choices on where to ride one. Specific jetski tours will allow people to get close to prominent landmarks and access the Dubai Marina. They have an experienced guide leading them so a person will learn more about the locations.

If a person does not want to go on a tour, they can just rent a jetski and ride the waves independently. The vehicles are simple and straightforward to control. Many people claim it is like riding a motorbike, only out on the water, more stable, and extra enjoyable. Once a person becomes used to riding the craft, they can perform exciting tricks. Quick sharp turns can be done by moving the body to the opposite side; donuts and jumps can also be executed with relative ease. An individual can spend many hours on a jetski without feeling bored, as it is a pleasurable and thrilling activity.

Visiting an amusement or water park

Dubai is home to many amusement and water parks that one can visit to have an exciting and memorable experience. High-speed roller coasters drop from massive heights and rides that involve 360 degree turns and spinning movements. An adrenaline rush is all but guaranteed. A person can go alone or take their family and friends along for a fantastic day out. As most places also have restaurants available, a person can enjoy a meal or snack too.

Ramadan holidays can be the best time for someone to take part in jetskiing and other thrilling activities that will allow them to have a great experience and make unforgettable memories. Therefore, if you want to make the most out of your vacation, make sure to include them in your schedule.