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Experience jetskiing like never before. With our fully certified trainers and high-quality equipment, we ensure your safety is our highest priority. Our experts will teach you everything you need to know before you get in the water. Our briefing sessions will cover all aspects of jetskiing from the controls to learning how to maneuver your ride.

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At Xtreme Jet ski, we pride ourselves on offering the latest high-quality equipment, affordable rates, and excellent customer service. Having over ten years of experience within the watersports industry means we know exactly how to make an adventure perfectly suited to you. In addition to jet ski rentals, we offer flyboarding, banana boats, and donut rides.

Take yourself, your loved ones, and your friends into a one of a kind and unforgettable experience. Marvel at Dubai’s breathtaking views while on riding the jet ski and fly board. For a unique and thrilling watersports experience, book now to reserve a private tour and explore the amazing city of Dubai with a real sea view.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Your Jet Ski Tours Customizable?

    At Xtreme Jet Ski, our water sport tours are customizable to what our customers want. You can either enjoy a fast-paced thrill-filled ride or a calm, slow-paced drive along with the beautiful scenery of the city.

  • Are Your Boat Tours Safe?

    Yes! Our boat tours are completely safe. Our instructors are certified which means they are professionally trained to ensure a safe, smooth, and enjoyable ride.

  • What Is The Difference Between A Jet Ski And Flyboard?

    A fly board session is made possible through a device that thrusts jets of water that propels the person upward. On the other hand, a jet ski otherwise known as personal watercraft or PWC can be likened to a water motorbike. Both are used in extreme water sports.

  • How Many People Can Ride The Jet Ski?

    2 people, with a combined weight of 350 pounds can ride a single jet ski. An instructor can ride together with an inexperienced customer.

  • What Should I Wear When Riding A Jet Ski And The Fly Board

    Proper swimming attire should be observed when engaging in water sports, not just for jet skiing and flyboarding, but also for banana boat and donut riding. Water shoes or aqua socks are also recommended. Life vests will be provided as well.

  • What Should I Bring During The Boat Tours?

    We advise bringing your own towel and wearing sunscreen during the day of the boat tour. Bring your cameras to document your experience too!



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