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3 Simple Tricks To Try While On Your Flyboarding Experience

3 Simple Tricks To Try While On Your Flyboarding Experience

November 28

Flyboarding is quickly emerging as one of the most popular watersports in the country. Not only is it exciting and relatively easy to learn, but once you grasp control of the device, it is possible to do a wide variety of cool tricks. These do not always require expert prowess and can be accomplished by anyone with a bit of technique. Here we will look at three simple ones that you can try.

Dolphin Dive

It is a signature trick that is popular in flyboarding. It is also the most well-documented as many tend to post videos of them doing this maneuver. Most people who have some basic control over their board can attempt this as not only does it look spectacular, it is also not particularly difficult to achieve. It could look terrifying, but as long as you have confidence in your abilities and are comfortable using the flyboard, you will be alright. 

To do the trick, all you have to do is stand straight on the board without bending or slanting your legs. Once you have the correct posture, you need to dive at a 45-degree angle. This will let you enter the water, after which you can angle yourself upright to rise into the air again. Then you can repeat the move as many times as you want. 


A step above the dolphin dive but still relatively simple to do is the backflip. Like the maneuver on land, you will flip upside down with the flyboard and get back to your starting position. To accomplish this, you need to have great height. The more air there is between you and the water, the more time you have to get your legs back underneath you in time. 

To do this trick, you need to get up to a height of at least 20 feet or more. Then you need to lean back and rotate your legs upwards. You need to make sure the turn is fast so that your legs can come back down on time. If you feel particularly risk-taking, you could try a double backflip. While the height matters, in this move, you also need more speed. When you do the first backflip, you need to launch into a second one using the speed you generate. 


One of the reasons flyboarding is so popular is due to its likeness to superhero moves. The way the jets underneath propel you makes you feel like you are flying on your own. This trick is aptly named as it ensures you look like Superman soaring across the skies. Easier than both tricks mentioned above, this one is perfect for beginners.

To do this, you need to launch upward and then fly horizontally. To do this, stand upright, so you move up, then push the board behind you until you’re in a horizontal position, parallel to the sea. Then move forwards. While the effect would not last for long due to gravity, you will be able to fly like Superman for a few minutes. 

If you plan to try out flyboarding for the first time or have some experience, speak to your instructor and get to know if you can try the above tricks. If you can’t, you can always ask for help and receive additional training and tips to help you accomplish them. For more information on flyboarding, contact us at Xtreme Jetski, and our staff will help you.