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Do you want to experience the thrills of soaring into the air like a champion, swinging and plunging like a dolphin, and rising like a bird? With Flyboarding you can experience all this thrill and adventure. Here in Dubai, you can enjoy Flyboarding at its calm and tranquil beaches all the year-round to satisfy the thrill seeker inside you.

For those of you who don’t know, a Flyboard is a water-powered jetpack that can throw people into the air without being seated. Do not miss this experience at any cost!

If you are trying it for the first time don’t fret our qualified instructor we train you until you can control your flight. Once you master the ability to control your flight, you can then do more advanced tricks like dolphin dives.

Every flight at Xtreme Fly Board in Dubai starts with 10 minutes of basic training and instruction. We will ensure all the safety aspects of Flyboarding to ensure the rest of your time can be explored from high above the sea.


Everyone flies differently. We will find this out once we are out in the water and our top trained instructors will help correct your mistakes on the spot. Once you master the ability to control your flight, we can then to more advanced tricks like dolphin dives.


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